Editing Rates & Services

Starter Critique

Price: $5

Purpose: Introduce the client and the editor to each other’s work so you can decide together whether you are a good match.

Details: Examines your manuscript’s first 1,000 words for incorrect use of point of view, characterization, and emotional authenticity, showing and telling, flow, logical consistency (i.e. magically changing hair and eye colors, compliance with the laws of physics, and so forth), description, character voice, plot, appropriate use of dialogue tagging and action beats, grammar, punctuation, spelling and usage, with respect to author voice. Makes corrections in line using track changes where appropriate, and offers suggestions for improvement elsewhere. This critique will include explanations of the changes the first time, so you can save money by learning the art of self-editing. Also includes feedback on the project’s strengths and merits and a price estimate for the editing packages you qualified for.

Requirements: Submit a one page synopsis of the entire manuscript and your manuscript’s total word count, and the first thousand words of the manuscript. Please format the source document with one inch margins, Times New Roman 12 font, double spaced lines, no spaces between paragraphs, 1/2 inch first line indent.  This is the formatting I will put your sample in. Note only the first 1,000 words will be edited, if you go over that for context.

Genre Preferences: My specialties are Adult Christian novels, science fiction, and fantasy. However, all I ask is please don’t send me picture books, non-fiction, poetry, gory horror, or erotica.

Turn around: 5-7 business days.

Comprehensive Editing

Pricing: $10 per 1000 words (Divide your total word count by 1000 and multiply the results by 10)

Requirements: Clients are strongly encouraged to first purchase and apply the introductory critique’s feedback to the full manuscript before purchasing the full manuscript edit.

Turn around: 6-8 weeks

Details: Checks the same things as the introductory offer, but spends less time explaining.

Tip: you can order additional editing at the full edit rate from my fiver gig (the first button) or fill out the form below to inquire.