What’s in a name?

In bible times, the Greeks had a tendency to transliterate the names of Jewish figures into Greek, and the Romans likewise into Latin, that’s how we got Jesus from a Hebrew name that today otherwise translates into English as Joshua. But there were actually two methods for doing this, one being a straight phonetic translation, which the authors of the bible used with Jesus, since that was the established equivalent of Joshua, but you could also transliterate by meaning (for example, Tabitha becomes Dorcas, both meaning gazelle.)

Hosanni does this quite often in Daughter of Eve; Verity becomes Alethe, (both meaning truth) and Antonio becomes Anthon (because they sound similar.) The Lord is treated in like manner, and the natural laws of Argevane means, if we did a phonetic transliteration, they’ll transliterate His name by meaning.

Right now, I chose the common definition of, “The LORD Saves” which comes out to Emisozo, Emi being their transliteration of I AM and which they’re not afraid to say, the natural laws of their universe again (We can’t even remember how to pronounce God’s name, so they fling it around wantonly.)

Okay, my question is, a more precise meaning is “The LORD is Salvation” or simply, “Salvation,” which would be Soterion. I’m of course used to Emisozo, and it’s technically picky, but I thought I’d throw out both options and let people vote on which they prefer.