This Month’s Idahope Writing Activity (modified for the web)

Choose a random number (1-12) and a random letter (A-L) first and then find your choices in the lists below. Write a scene in the location corresponding with your number choice, featuring a character with the issue corresponding to your letter choice. Do not directly state what the character’s issue is in the scene. Instead show the character’s feelings and state of mind through how the character describes the setting and interacts with their surroundings.

1. Beach

2. Fiesta

3. Miniature Golf Course

4. Wedding

5. Funeral

6. Realtor’s Office

7. Trailer Park

8. Doctor’s Office

9. The Zoo

10. Baseball Diamond

11. A Major River

12. Mountain in a National Park

A. Your character has recently killed someone.

B. Your character just learned he/she is dying.

C. Your character is finally pregnant after twelve years of infertility.

D. Your character just learned his/her unmarried daughter is pregnant.

E. Your character has just become engaged.

F. Your character is retiring after working for the same place for the last twenty-five years.

G. Your character won a hard-fought for, difficult promotion at work.

H. Your character is about to take a difficult test that s/he must pass or his/her life is over.


I. Your character has been betrayed by a close loved one associated with your setting.

J. Your character is deep in debt, filing bankruptcy, and may lose the house.

K. Your character has begun a new ministry and is fired up about their vision.

L. Your character is torn between a family member’s needs and their career goals.