“No one understands POV like Andrea. She had a rare and wonderful gift in what is one of the most difficult areas of writing to master. Her feedback on my novel Higher Honor (TWCP, 2009) and my short story “Fair Balance” helped shaped them both into well-received and highly acclaimed tales. She also possesses deep Biblical knowledge sure to help any Christian writer. I highly recommend her.” –Susan Kirkland, Author, Higher Honor

“I would recommend Andrea to polish your work and make it ready for the next step in the publishing world. She is concise and kindly open in her detailed assessment of an author’s hard work. She respectfully tells you what is wrong and offers suggestions of how to fix the piece to make it better. By applying her critique, you will not only improve your work, but be a better writer for it. What’s that she says? It goes something like this….work for the Lord and don’t worry about where it is going, let Him have it. My goal is to the be the best writer that I can be and I believe that is Andrea’s goal for her clients. Thank you, Andrea. You are the cat’s meow!” —Paulette Harris, writer

“Andrea, I can’t thank you enough for the critique of my first ten pages of Traitors. Your grammatical, POV, and eliminating passive voice edits were spot on. I also appreciate your thoughts on plot and sub-plot, and those pesky worldly details. By applying your suggestions I will have a more attractive and believable story. I feel like a thief; five dollars isn’t near what your editing is worth.” —Andra Marquardt, writer (referencing the $5 introductory critique of ten pages of your manuscript.)

“Andrea gave me some much-needed objective insights on my novel’s plot and POV structure–exactly what needed to be tweaked, and some fantastic ideas on just how to go about it. At the detailed level, her in-line comments are like having a personal tutor who’s strict with you for your own good, and you know it. Even simple changes can make a huge difference in the impact of a scene, and Andrea has a knack for discovering exactly what will make your writing the best it can be, preserving your individual authorial voice while she’s at it. This is not your common-or-garden variety edit!.” –Grace Bridges, Author, Faith Awakened; Publisher, Splashdown Books

“Andrea provides invaluable insights as an editor. Her years of dedicated study of the craft of fiction writing help her provide spot-on critiques and edits.” –Adam Graham, Editor in Chief, Laser & Sword Magazine

“Andrea Graham and I share publication in a short story publication called Light at the Edge of Darkness. This was a unique project where a group of Christian authors all critiqued each other’s submissions. I found Andrea’s advice among the most valuable. Andrea knows the rules of fiction craft.” —Frank CreedAuthor, Flashpoint

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