Summer Meadows Interview (Chocolate-Covered Crime by Cynthia Hickey)

Gentle readers, we continue with our series of character interviews I am conducting. Recently, I had the delight of chatting with Summer Meadows, the heroine of the mystery novel Chocolate-Covered Crime (June 1, 2011/Barbour Publishing) by Cynthia Hickey.

POV Boot Camp(PBC):Summer, I understand you’re getting married soon! Congratulations. What do you love most about all this wedding and romance business?

Summer Meadows: I wish I could tell you. Everything was fun until I found my wedding planner with an ornate letter opener in her back. Now, time is running out, for me and for my wedding plans! I know that sounds a bit selfish, but I’ve been waiting since childhood to marry Ethan!

PBC:So, any drawbacks or challenges?

Meadows: I’m glad I have my future in-law as my sidekick. Not that Ethan is happy about me luring her into my gumshoeing, but he’ll come around in time. He just has to.

PBC: What are your greatest hopes and dreams?

Meadows: To marry Ethan!

PBC: What are your greatest fears? Weaknesses?

Meadows: Well, I don’t really want to die yet. And I’ve come very close a couple of times. I don’t really like Ethan mad at me, and the poor guy does get frustrated every time I get pulled into a case. But, I can’t let someone I care about die and no one find the culprit, right?

PBC: Do you have any hobbies or special interests?

Meadows: I own the best candy store in Arkansas.

PBC: How about pet peeves? What annoys you?

Meadows: Stupid people. And liars. They’re the worst. If people just told the truth, then I wouldn’t have such a hard time finding the killer.

PBC: What do you value most?

Meadows: God and family. My faith is important to me. If not for God on my side, I probably wouldn’t get out of some of the scrapes I find myself in.

PBC:Tell me a bit more about your family and friends. What do you like about them? Dislike?

Meadows: Well, Uncle Roy is a big ole Teddy Bear. My Aunt Eunice is a riot! She loves helping me solve a case. My cousin Joe is a big pain in the … well, you can fill in the blank. It probably has something to do with his being Sheriff, but there’s no excuse for bossiness in my book! My best friend, April, is Ethan’s sister. She’s a gem! And Ethan, well, he’s the stuff romance novels are written about.

PBC: Summer, in your own words, could you tell us a bit about the author of your novel, Cynthia Hickey?

Meadows: She’s kind of bossy. Always telling me to go here, or there, or don’t do that. You get the picture.


PBC: So, Summer, what do you think of Cynthia Hickey? What do you like or admire about her? Anything you dislike?

Meadows: She’s actually a great gal and full of imagination! I mean, my second case involved me walking an elephant down Highway 64. Who comes up with that stuff?

PBC: Summer, if you had one question you could ask Cynthia Hickey, what would it be?

Meadows: Can I get married now and live happily ever after?

PBC: If you could change one thing in Chocolate-Covered Crime, what would it be?

Meadows: Oh, I wouldn’t change a thing! Well, maybe have a stranger die instead of a family member, but otherwise, it’s all great fun.

PBC: Summer, if you could spend a whole day with Cynthia Hickey, where would you go and what would you do together?

Meadows: I’d like to go to Hawaii. I’ve asked her to send me there, and she won’t. Cynthia seems determined to keep me in Smalltown, Arkansas.

PBC: Summer, what do you think of the cover of Chocolate-Covered Crime?

Meadows: I love the cover. Isn’t it fun?

Thanks for stopping in and chatting with us, Summer! Readers, it’s your turn! Got any questions for Summer Meadows about weddings, romance, sleuthing, or anything else on your mind? Comment away. If one of your characters would like to chat with us here, send me an email and we’ll set a date.