Reviews Policy

As a novelist and freelance fiction editor, I love to read well-written fiction of any genre (save horror, sorry) that has a positive, biblically sound message. If you have a book that you believe would be of interest to me, shoot me an email, including a short synopsis or your promotional material.

If the book interests me, I’ll give you the address you’ll need to send me a review copy. I seek to write balanced reviews that bring out both a book’s merits and its flaws–please don’t take it personal, we’re all human and none of our books are perfect. But I believe reviews must be unbiased and written for the reader. If for some reason I can’t think of anything positive to say about your book, too, however, I will not post a review of it. If you wish to get the book back should I decline to review it, please include an SASE.

I do tend to bring up editing issues I think will take away from the enjoyment of the reader. Send me an unedited proof copy, and indicate it is such, however, and I will take that into consideration.

If you offer book reviews yourself, it would be appreciated it if you considered thanking me by reviewing in turnTales of the Dim Knight, a speculative comedy novel I edited for my husband Adam Graham. If you’re interested, please contact our publisher,  Splashdown Books, to request a review copy.

Thank you,

Andrea Graham