How do I get free editing?

One way is to find a copy editing error anywhere on this website. That’ll get you the introductory offer for free (or $5 off a longer edit if you’ve already purchased the introductory offer.) But if you have a website, now there’s an even better way.

First, download the following image by right clicking and choosing save as:


Next, upload the image to your own server. Place it in the sidebar or any prominent but unobtrusive location on your site and link it to

If you need it, here is the code:

<a href=””><img title=”POV Boot Camp: helping you whip flabby novels into shape with free writing tips, free writing exercises, and the first ten pages of your manuscript edited for only $5″ src=”” alt=”POV Boot Camp: whip that flabby novel into shape” width=”150″ height=”200″ /></a>

If just one person finds me through the ad on your site, and it shows in my traffic stats widgets, you’ll get my introductory offer for free, or a $5 discount off your full manuscript edit if you’ve already purchased it. Thereafter, every visitor to click through is worth an extra page of free editing, with a minimum of 20 to collect. Every referral known to lead to a full manuscript edit will get you a ten percent discount off your own editing bill should you choose to work with me.

This offer also applies to text links in articles discussing the contents of this website or my editorial services and word of mouth referrals (you will have to notify me of those, however.) Please do let me know if you put the graphic ad up or text links in case I miss them.

Your own traffic stats tracking system should show you the number of visitors who followed a link from your site to mine also, if you’d like to keep track yourself to make sure I don’t miss any referrals you made. I’m afraid you will have to take my word for it on referrals leading to a purchase, since I’ll have to simply ask where you heard of me.

Otherwise, check around, as some editors offer to do free sample edits, and many will if  you just ask them. Also join critique groups and professional writing organizations. Networking and developing relationships with other writers can build you a stable of associates willing to check over your manuscript for you and this is a good thing to have. Don’t expect a full edit for free from any professional editor you might happen to have a relationship with, however. Be respectful of the amount of time that goes into going through a full length novel and return favors in kind as often as possible.