Editing Rates & Services

Starter Critique

Price: Free

Purpose: Introduce the client and the editor to each other’s work so you can decide together whether you are a good match.

Details: Examines your manuscript’s first five pages for incorrect use of point of view, characterization, and emotional authenticity, showing and telling, flow, logical consistency (i.e. magically changing hair and eye colors, compliance with the laws of physics, and so forth), description, character voice, plot, appropriate use of dialogue tagging and action beats, grammar, punctuation, spelling and usage, with respect to author voice. Makes corrections in line using track changes where appropriate, and offers suggestions for improvement elsewhere. This critique will include explanations of the changes the first time, so you can save money by learning the art of self-editing. Also includes feedback on the project’s strengths and merits and a price estimate for the editing packages you qualified for.

Requirements: Using the form below, submit a one page synopsis of the entire manuscript, your manuscript’s total word count, and your package preference for the full edit (info below). Before you copy and paste the first five pages of your manuscript into the form, please format the source document with one inch margins, Times New Roman 12 font, double spaced lines, no spaces between paragraphs, 1/2 inch first line indent.  This is the formatting I will put your sample in, and only the first five pages will be edited.

Genre Preferences: My specialty is Adult Christian novels, including the science fiction and fantasy genres I write in. I can edit normal fiction, too, I just can’t seem to plot normal fiction. No picture books, non-fiction, poetry, horror, erotica.

Turn around: Your introductory critique will be sent to you by email within 5-7 business days.

Submission Form:


Comprehensive Editing

Package One: the Classic

Pricing: $10/hour (does NOT include time spent communicating with the client, time spent on billing/bookkeeping, etc.)

Requirements: Client must have already purchased and applied the introductory critique, but should refrain from doing any rewrites while the editor is actively working on the manuscript.

Turn around: If you send the whole manuscript at once, give me 6-8 weeks. If you divvy it up into portions, please allow two weeks per portion.

Hint: Purchase a certain amount of hours up front (minimum: nine hours or $90.) This allows you to control how many hours you buy, and to spread the cost of a full manuscript edit out across multiple pay periods, thereby making this large ticket item more affordable. This is the best deal for you if your manuscript truly needs minimal work.

Details: Checks the same things as the introductory offer, but spends far less time on explaining. Feel free to email Andrea if you have any questions.

Package Two: the Conference Special

Pricing: $120 for three chapters (up to 10,000 words)

For qualified works, this package may be purchased as many times as needed to get through the whole manuscript. To see if your work qualifies, buy the introductory critique or else we can discuss it after your first three.

Hint: If less than three chapters remain at the end, send them to me at package three rates. If your chapters average out at less than 3,000 words, also opt for another package.

Package Three: the “I Need It Done ASAP”

Pricing: Flat rate of 0.01 per word for the whole manuscript. Starter critique required to determine eligibility.

Hint: If necessary, you may still divide the manuscript into more affordable chunks, but that will drag out how long it takes to finish the whole edit.

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