Dras Weldon Character Interview

Gentle readers, we continue with our series of character interviews I am
conducting. Recently, I had the delight of chatting with Dras Weldon, the
hero of the supernatural suspense novel The Strange Man (February 2011, Realms Fiction) by author Greg Mitchell.

POV Boot Camp(PBC): Dras, what do you love most about The Strange Man?

Dras Weldon: What, the dude or the book? ‘Cause I’m not a big fan of the dude. The book’s pretty boss, though. I’d really like it if I weren’t in it.

PBC: So, any drawbacks or challenges?

Weldon: Aside from being the whipping boy for the Bogeyman? No, no drawbacks at all. Why do you ask?

PBC: What are your greatest hopes and dreams?

Weldon: That used to be a pretty easy question. I’d say “XBOX, some cold pizza, a worn VHS copy of She-Vampires From Mars” and I’d be set. Now though, I don’t know. I’m all conflicted and starting to think about The Big Picture: Who’s God? Who am I? What do I believe? Plus there’s Rosalyn and all the weirdness there. We grew up together, but now…it’s just different. Like in a strange romantic sort of way that I’m not entirely comfortable discussing with a complete stranger, you know? I guess if I were being totally honest, all I want right now is for her to be safe.

PBC: What are your greatest fears? Weaknesses?

Weldon: Man, now you’re asking all the hard questions. I dunno. I guess the usual: Fear of failing, fear of letting people down, fear of clowns… Weaknesses? I don’t think we’ve got the room for that. Off the top of the list I’d say “lazy”. At least, that’s what everyone tells me.

PBC: Do you have any hobbies or special interests?

Weldon: Do I! Now we’re getting to the good stuff. Where to begin: Comic books, monster movies, monster magazines, video games, action figures—yes, they are called “action figures” not “dolls”—hanging with Roz, riding my bike. Pretty much everything I loved to do when I was eight is still my favorite thing to do. Who says you gotta grow up?

PBC: How about pet peeves? What annoys you?

Weldon: My brother. Hands down. That and when people don’t change out the toilet paper roll.

PBC: What do you value most?

Weldon: …Rosalyn. She’s the only reason I’m going through with this fight with the Strange Man. I don’t know why he’s after her, but it doesn’t matter. I’ve got to figure out a way to help her and stop him.

PBC: Tell me a bit more about your family and friends. What do you like about
them? Dislike?

Weldon: Wow, I’ve got to say what I like about them? Hmm… Well, I mean, my mom’s okay, I guess. I mean, she’s nice and cooks me supper a couple nights a week and gives me a little spending money when rent’s due—sometimes she gives me the rent too. I don’t really know my dad. He’s been sick for awhile, and super-busy before that. He was the pastor a long time ago, you know? He didn’t really have a lot of time for me. Not that I blame him! I get it. He’s important or whatever, but you know…yeah. Then there’s my brother. We never really got along, but he’s a little less of a skeeve since he married Isabella. She’s pretty cool (and really hot, but don’t tell my brother I said that).

PBC: Dras, in your own words, could you tell us a bit about the author of
your novel, Greg Mitchell?

Weldon: He’s alright, as moody writers go. We like a lot of the same movies and he bummed a few comics off of me (that he still hasn’t returned, I might add). I sorta wish he’d lay off of me, though. I’ve got enough going on in my life, yet for some reason he feels the need to bring demons into the mix. Okay, I change my mind. Greg Mitchell is a jerk.

PBC: So, Dras, what do you think of Greg? What do you like or admire
about him? Anything you dislike?

Weldon: Like I said, he’s a jerk who gets some sick pleasure out of watching gremlins chase me on my bike. I’m sure he’d just say he was trying to “teach me something”, but whatever.

PBC: Dras, if you had one question you could ask Greg, what would it be?

Weldon: Why pick me to face off against the Strange Man? My brother, Jeff, would have been much better at that. Why didn’t you go to him?

PBC: If you could change one thing in The Strange Man, what would it be?

Weldon: The ending. And maybe I’d add more bikini clad supermodels.

PBC: Dras, if you could spend a whole day with Greg, where would you go
and what would you do together?

Weldon: Are you kidding? I’m not so sure I’d want to spend any time with him after everything that’s happened. But, I guess if we got past all of that, we’d probably just go to a matinee and watch a campy monster B-movie. That’d be pretty great. …As long as he’s paying.

PBC: Dras, what do you think of the cover of The Strange Man?

Weldon: Awfully colorful for such a scary book, right? And I’m not on it. That stings a bit. Couldn’t they find a model in their folder of canned clipart that could perfectly capture my boyish grin? Or at least get close? Oh well. You win some, you lose some.

Thanks for stopping in and chatting with us, Dras! Readers, it’s your
turn! Got any questions for Dras Weldon about The Strange Man or anything else on your mind? Comment away. If one of your characters would like to chat with us here, send me an email and we’ll set a date.